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Academic Subjects, Writing, and Application Essays

Tutoring in Academic Subjects

Whether focused on an academic subject or on writing alone, all services of JRM Tutoring address study habits, including organization, time management, and executive functioning. Individual subject tutoring includes instruction in how to prepare for tests, how to do timed writing, and how to develop the abilities to analyze and to write.


Tutoring in English includes instruction in critical reading abilities, reading comprehension, research, and all areas related to writing about literature.


Tutoring in history includes instruction in historical analysis, primary and secondary sources, historiography, research, and writing.


Tutoring in the Humanities includes instruction in analysis, research, and writing on philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and art history.

American Studies

Tutoring in American studies includes instruction in research, history, historiography, literature, writing and interdisciplinary analysis.


Whether taught separately or as part of the instruction in an academic subject, tutoring in writing includes the creation of an entire process with which the student can repeatedly write well. That process covers everything from the initial stages of note taking and analysis to drafts and revisions.

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