College student studying in the grass


Where do you tutor?

Tutoring is done in the offices of JRM Tutoring at 33 West 88th Street.

Do you guarantee that a student’s grades will improve?

No. While all students of JRM Tutoring have improved their grades and the quality of their work, this is not guaranteed. The goal is for the long-term success of the student, including the student’s independence and confidence, which may not always mean short-term success.

Do you ever complete student’s work for them?

No. That is unethical and would do harm to students, making them less certain they were able to do the work and placing them in jeopardy with schools for violating their codes of conduct.

Doesn’t the student become dependent on the tutor for learning?

You don’t worry that a student becomes dependent on a teacher; you shouldn’t have to worry that a student becomes dependent on a tutor. The goal of a tutor should be to make the student independent.

What are your rates?

Rates are discussed in person, but JRM Tutoring is committed to working with families of diverse incomes.


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