College student studying outside


Tutoring works because it is the most personalized form of teaching, tuned precisely to the needs of the individual student. Students progress because they receive both superior instruction in subject areas and an education in how they as individuals learn: the abilities and habits that benefit them and those that cause them difficulties. Students are thereby able to reach their potential. For each subject area, students learn distinct and enabling new habits, whether for critical thinking, organization, or time management. As a result, students become more independent, more confident, and more productive.

Using a process developed by James Mendelsohn, JRM Tutoring begins its work with an assessment of the student’s needs, drawing on information provided by the student, as well as the student’s family, school, therapist and learning specialist. JRM Tutoring then establishes a plan and working goals for the student. That plan includes weekly meetings supplemented by phone calls and emails to ensure the student is fully supported and builds a trust relationship with the tutor.