Additional Services “I don’t think I knew how to write before I worked with James Mendelsohn. I can honestly say that I know what I’m doing now, and it shows in the results. This was a huge improvement for me.” —an R.I.T. undergraduate

Application Essays

College Application Essays

The goal of every college essay is for the student to convey a clear, memorable sense of self. JRM Tutoring provides a comprehensive service for helping students to write freely and well about themselves in their own voice. Students can expect careful support in each phase of the writing process, from the choice of a topic to the final revisions.

Graduate School and Professional School Application Essays

The goal of an essay for professional school is to provide a distinct and winning explanation of why the applicant is an ideal candidate for admission. It should convey the depth and range of accomplishments of the applicant, and it should make admissions officers understand immediately who the student is and why the student has chosen professional school. Covering each phase of the writing process, JRM Tutoring enables graduate school applicants to bring out the full sense of themselves in a persuasive manner.

Writing Courses

JRM Tutoring offers custom-designed, intensive writing courses that include instruction in all aspects of critical writing, from the initial stages of note taking and analysis, to development of ideas, organization by topic and sub-topic, creation of usable outlines, drafting, and revision.